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Virtual reality, Real Fun

Iowa Virtual Reality Labs (IAVR) is a veteran-Owned Virtual Reality Lounge that provides rent-able play spaces for the Ultimate virtual reality experience. These play spaces feature extensive space to provide the best experience possible. Rented play-space is based on time and membership status.

Virtual Reality encompasses a wide variety of experiences that you can play alone or with friends, such as 3-D drawing and sculpting, exploring Earth and other worlds, flight and racing simulation, boxing and sword fighting, shooting guns at friends or zombies, crew a submarine or even the U.S.S. Enterprise, and much, much more!

Our high-end virtual reality systems allow for each user to physically walk around their 3-D gaming environment with controllers that act as your hands, gun, controls, etc. This provides an incredibly immersive experience that we believe everyone should try!

Check out Virtual reality and some of the experiences we offer below!